College of Humanities and Social Sciences

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Digital Signage

Save paper. Go digital. The CHSS digital signage will display ads in a heavy rotation on screens in the English, Pilcher, and Social Sciences buildings on the Kennesaw campus.

Policies and Procedures

  • Digital signage approved by Department Chairs will be submitted by department admins no later than the 13th and 28th of each month in order to be posted on the 15th and 30th of that month. If the submission deadline is missed, items will not be posted and will need to be resubmitted by the next deadline for consideration.
  • Each department may submit up to but no more than four slides for display during each two-week submission period. If departments would like to display the ads for an additional two weeks, they should resubmit those ads on the following monthly deadline (13th or 28th).
  • Student groups affiliated with an academic department in HSS may submit an ad to the appropriate Department Chair for display consideration and approval.
  • HSS prohibits any commercial postings, involving items for sale, services for pay, housing, etc.
  • Ads must be submitted in the proper format to be posted. If the format is not correct, the item will not be displayed. It should be reformatted by following the guidelines provided below, resubmitting during the next publication cycle. Submitters are responsible for formatting the documents properly. Documents will not be reformatted by CHSS.

Approval Process

  1. All signs/ads should be submitted to the appropriate Department Chair for approval.
  2. Department Chairs will approve ads for their departments. If more than 4 are submitted for consideration and approval during a given submission period, the Department Chair will identify the 4 to submit to the college for display.
  3. Department admins will send an email to, attaching up to four ads identified for display. E-mail submissions will only be accepted from department admins to ensure that the approval process is followed.


Please find below the sizing template file for making an ad. Please note that the final ad is a static image. If you have advanced graphic skills, you can submit a JPG (960W x 540H).